Friday, October 22, 2021

Doctor visit

"Lynn, I'm going to leave home."

Precious has been on a long journey with her weight. 
She's going on 10 and she only ever gets 1/2 cup of
food a day from the beginning with us in 2013.  But she
has steadily gained weight until she reached 17.2 lbs (7.8 k)
in Oct. 2019.

She has been on a canned food diet and she does not like
canned food and it does not like her.  We had to wash bloomers
2 times a day for 6 months. And she gained weight.
Then I switched her to 1/4 cup dry and 1 tiny can of wet food.
Better for the tummy but she gained weight.

Then 3 years in a row she had 3 different Prescrption dry
cat foods that she liked, but she gained weight.  

Finally in January 2020 I spent unhappy hours comparing
nutrition values of all kinds of dry food. I finally settled
on Purina One Indoor Maintenance because it was the one
dry food that had meat listed first, fair in protein and only 9%
fat content.  And she likes it.

October 2019   17.2 pounds
October 2020  16.8 pounds
April 2021   16.3 pounds 
However, on her annual vet visit a couple weeks ago,
the result in weight was not so good.
October 2022   16.6 pounds     

The doctor, who is very nice and friendly, suggested I 
CUT BACK her 1/2 cup a day of food!  I simply can not
do that to Precious.  He also suggested I place her  food in
8 to 10 different hiding places upstairs and in the basement
to make her get more exercise.  I'm thinking on that. 

"I am never coming out of here.  They took me back to the torture chamber.
First a vampire grabbed me by the throat and sucked out almost all my
blood through the jugular.  Then they speared my hind leg with a 
Moby Dick size harpoon and said that was for rabies.  I don't want rabies!
And then they humiliated me by laying me on my back and shearing
me like a sheep, jabbing a Frankinstein size hypodermic needle into my
wee bladder.  If they would have told me they wanted my pee, I'd have
peed all over their white frock coats at the start."

I'm whispering now, Precious has to get her teeth cleaned and
claws cut November 3.  Don't tell her though.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and a comment. 
It is much appreciated.


  1. HaHa! The last bit of the post Precious made
    me chuckle..was it you it was talking about..
    Or Mum..? Hope it's not Mum...! :O).

    I don't like the idea of leaving food in various
    hiding places..especially in the basement...! :(
    You never know what's creeping about in a
    basement..! Mice..Now mice are o,k, for a nice
    healthy died, fat free, and full of protein...! :)

    Precious..don't worry about putting on a pound
    or two..You look lovely..! :)x

  2. Precious, we're sorry you had to go to the v-e-t. (Derry feels for you, believe me!) We laughed at your comments too!

    We wouldn't worry too much about the weight. Derry always was chunky, now he really is quite overweight and needs to lose a pound or two (in a healthy way, not due to illness!). But I always think it's better to have a BIT of extra weight on than be underweight.

    I'm not sure about hiding food all over the house, either. I guess it would depend on where (if your basement is finished or unfinished, etc.).

    The bottom line is that quality of life is far more important than quantity, IMO. If Precious is happy and healthy, that's what counts. Never mind a bit of extra weight, she's just a fuller-figured girl kitty. ♥

    1. I do feel after all the years of Precious being chubby, that she is otherwise healthy and happy. That's why I can't justify cutting her food back and don't plan to. I really doubt I'll hide her food, as I try to drag out her meals at her bowl anyway.

  3. PRECIOUS! COME HERE AT ONCE! I will tell you what to do and when!

  4. She has had blood work for hypothyroid hasn't she ? With that condition (which I had as a human) can cause you to gain weight no matter how much you pare back on your food.

    1. Yes, thankfully her blood work has come back just fine. So I think she's just going to be chubby.

  5. Precious, Jo Jo here, a grrl cat is never fat, she is fluffy! I Jo Jo have a weight problem too. Mom calls me her "Little bolling ball". I get quite miffed. Mom has really tried to help me loose some weight, and we get high protein food, but if I don't want it, I eat Cinnamon's crunchies. Sigh. Our vet told Mom not to worry too much about it. As I am otherwise in great shape. If you get really hungry, let me know and I will smuggle you some of Cinnamon's crunchies!

    1. I'd love some extra crunchies from Cinnamon's stash, Jo Jo

    2. She will bring some salmon ones when our Mom goes to bed. We can have a CRUNCH PAWTY! BTW, does catnip give you the munchies...If not - you gotta get some crayons!

  6. Oh dear me Precious. You are not fat - you are fluffy!!! Thats what I tell Blackie all the time! Its all in the fur !!
    I would not be cutting back her food Lynn but I would maybe try the hiding it in different places for her to hunt out - that might help.

  7. You certainly do a lot of work for Precious. Your care for her health is clear. I couldn't have cut back on her food, either. I look at food as being one of the great joys of cats' lives. Theirs are simple lives, and they don't have much variety in them. Some cats will be a little over-weight. I think better that than being miserable and hungry. I wouldn't hide the food myself; there are products that can make getting the food out of them energetic, and hopefully burn the calories off while eating. The main thing I think is happiness and over-all health, not just weight. You're doing wonderfully.

  8. Hi!
    My cats are very fluffy, especially at this time of the year when they rarely leave the house :) Because they are at home and outside on a daily basis. I love my cats and will do anything for them. When we go to the doctor, I have a really hard road. There is singing and groaning. But visits to the doctor are necessary :)
    Greetings from Poland!

  9. I agree with Gidget! Let's get started!


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