Friday, October 15, 2021

Train Ride instead of Bike Ride

 "Lynn, you left me for a whole day, I'm not happy."

I know Precious, I do not like leaving the house for
an entire day actually.  However, I had the opportunity to
ride the rails in Cuyahoga National Recreation Area in northern

"Lynn, what a shot of you at the train station. No one
can tell what you look like, like me in the bag."

The scenic train runs the full 30 mile length of the park.
You can stay on, or jump off at one of 5 stops and walk about
until the train heads back your way. Hop back on and head
to the parking lot.

I chose to get off in the middle, about 15 miles up at this
stop and walk on the tow path.
The tow path for the 1800's Erie canal is now part of the
Rail Trail from Ohio River to Lake Erie. The canal in places
still holds water and has short barge rides pulled by horses.
The tow path is not paved, it is well groomed pea gravel,
but I have biked miles of it over time, and it is not difficult.

The train can not turn around therefore, there are identical
engines at each end of 12 cars, one direction they pull and push,
and then the other direction they reverse their pull and push.

There are several coach cars, very comfortable seating. One dining car,
not actually used for it's original purpose, but you can ride seated at the 
tables. One luxury car and then the observation car with the dome roof.

I packed a picnic and enjoyed it by the Cuyahoga River that runs north to
Lake Erie.  It is odd to see the water flow north, as where I live in north
central Ohio, the water flows south to the Ohio River.  It was a sunny
and cool day for a fun trip.  We did have to wear masks on the train
as they follow TSA regulations.  Fine by me, but there were not too many
people in my car anyway.

But I am always anxious to head home to Precious and just the

"Well, at least you got home in time for my supper!"

Precious was definitely hungry by 4 PM.  And I got her
supper started plus her 5 pm hair brushing.

On another note, I got my annual influenza shot and my
Pzier covid booster shot this past Saturday.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and a comment.
It is much appreciated.


WILLIE...! =(^..^)= said...

Yes! I love trains..and never miss Michael
Portillo's train journeys, he's been around
the world filming since 2016..even to America,
though the episodes are'nt currently available
on iPlayer..! :(.
Love those BIG American trains..! :).

So, you were left all on your lonesome
then Precious..Oh! Dear! :(.
Did'nt Mum leave the radio or TV on for
you..! :(

I've got my appointment next Saturday,
at 8:50 for my flu shot and my Covid in each arm l expect! :0)

Kea said...

What a fun outing, I'd have loved doing that too. Of course the most important thing is that Precious didn't have wait for her supper (Derry made me type that -- haha).

I'm waiting for the flu shots to become available. Usually I can just walk in, or line up and wait, but I've only seen "coming soon" signs. Probably by month's end I'll be able to get it, fingers crossed.

No boosters in Canada for the average person, not yet, though they have been giving boosters to the elderly in care facilities and the immunocompromised. I'm only 3 months out from the second shot anyway, so would have to wait even if they were available at this time. Ontario is only rolling out its QR code for full vaccinations this week, which reminds me that I must see if I can download mine, in case it's needed.

Take care, have a lovely weekend!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Boy that sounds like a really nice outing!! ~~ Try the video again and see if it works. I changed it from private to unlisted.
Have a great weekend and thanks for being a loyal follower. ;-) ~ FlowerLady

Julie said...

I love train trips Lynn & It has been many years since I have had the pleasure of one. Yours sounds so wonderful & I would've loved to have joined you. Yes I am just like you ... always anxious to get home to my furry ones after a full day out. Pip can sulk for a bit but Blackie is usually okay. Hope you & Precious have a great weekend Lynn. xx

Smudge said...

Oh my heavens Lynn, if that doesn't sound like a fun adventure! What a wonderful thing to have nearby, and isn't it amazing that such things are still kept up for everyone's enjoyment? Now you best get on to taking care of sweet Precious's nutritional needs...

Katie Isabella said...

Oh Precious...tell your mom that I would love to have gone on that train with her! My mom, I mean. Me, I'll stay home. Like you. What fun!!! To my mom, that is a perfect day!

Henny Penny said...

That train ride sounds like so much fun and the picnic lunch too. Precious, I am so glad Lynn made it home in time for your supper. Bet you were tired of watching and waiting. Nice of you to let her go on such a long trip. :)

Marvelous Marv said...

What an exciting trip! Mom would love to take that train ride! And it would be cool to see the canal and the horse barges! Precious, I bet your brushies feel terrific! We need to remind our Mom we have not had any for a long time.

John Bellen said...

The railway journey sounds like those on 'heritage railways' in Britain, short lengths of rail with old trains run for tourism - and because the people responsible love trains. It sounds like it was a grand day - just not for Precious.

Sakuranko said...

Oh so cute cat darling

MásQueRopa said...

Q bonita esa estación ❤️

El Mundo del Nail Art said...

Ohh! pobrecita, la dejaste sola! Pero seguro que lo pasaste bien =)

Kinga K. said...

Nice captures ❤

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