Friday, October 8, 2021

Believe me, she already ate

 "Lynn, it is a good thing my food does not need to be cooked

first.  I'd starve waiting."

Precious does not normally sit on the counter when I am eating.
However, we had a morning at home alone and I cooked myself
eggs and hot cakes and she came to investigate.
She actually has no interest in human food at all, which
is a very good thing for her. I'd have to deny her of most
of it anyway. 

It was a wonder I even had the phone handy to capture her
on the camera. Naturally, the second I tried taking the photo,
she was immediately on the move to leave.

"Enough of this yucky looking stuff. Bring on the chickie
crunchies.  I'm ready for a brunch.  It's been at least an
hour since I ate."

Here's a couple fall flower pictures. The first one is
Wild Snakeroot.  We have clouds of this white flower
in late summer along with the golden rod.  However,
this plant is a native poisonous one. Neither fly nor
moth, bee nor butterfly pollinate this.  And deer do not eat.

This next one is a favorite of mine, as I like anything
of the blue shades.  This one is a Wood Aster. They
thrive in the shadows of trees in fertile soil. Sorry the
photo looks so washed out.  It is a lovely shade of
blueish lavender.

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WILLIE...! =(^..^)= said...

I have a naughty pussy~cat that lives
a couple of doors away..His name is
Now! He loves to come around, especially
on a Sunday, roast, during the summer months,
when l eat outside on the patio table...!
He will sit there eyeing my, l'll
cut a little meat off for him, he takes it
off the plate, and eats it, sits there for
another piece...
When 'we've' finished he loves to lick the gravy!
I then give him a saucer of milk, as he's not into
wine, just yet..! HeHe! He's a character..! :O)
Oh! And..l have Flossie who lives a couple doors
away the other side..she has one eye..and she's
a tart..! HeHe! It takes ALL sorts! :).
😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾

Kea said...

I LOVE that cartoon. OMC, it's spot-on! (As all cat caretakers know--lol.)

Derry never showed any interest in human food until after Nicki died, possibly because Nicki was dominant and so WOULD want to see what I was eating. I admit I *might* have spoiled Derry a bit (or a lot) and given him tiny tastes of meat and fish over the past couple of years, but not now with his digestive issues. I've had only four cats in my adult life, but I could leave anything out on the counter--even meat or poultry--and none of them would jump up and nibble, they all were good that way, even the Nickster.

Precious and Derry seem to share the same distaste for having their photo taken! Of all my cats, only Chumley would pose for the camera. He was such a ham...and the most beautiful of all of them too, with his long brown and white fur and white-tipped tail. He was gorgeous and he knew it. Precious is just modest, yes? :-)

As for the wildflowers: It's amazing to me that non-human critters know instinctively what to eat and what not to eat. We're a part of nature, animals as others are; I wonder why we don't seem to have that. Maybe most of us are just too removed from nature now, though.

Anyway, it's too early for all these ramblings. I hope you all have a lovely weekend -- I almost wrote long weekend, because it's our Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada. :-)

Take care.

Lynn and Precious said...

I've always enjoyed hearing about the Cats coming to share your patio food.

Lynn and Precious said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Derry. Will be in the cold weather by the time we have ours next month. I just love hearing about your cat, I too have only had four in my adult life, thankfully I guess because they can live for quite a while and it breaks our hearts when they're gone.

R's Rue said...

Happy Friday my friend.

Julie said...

Hello Lynn & Precious. I am so pleased to see that Precious jumps up on the counters from time to time as I am always ashamed to admit that my two sit on the table sometimes. I just absolutely adore that cartoon Lynn & can totally relate to that situation many times over!!

Smudge said...

I'm not allowed on the counters or tables, and it's probably a good thing since I'd attack mom and dad's human food. Dad says that cartoon is me to a T. Whatever.

Katie Isabella said...

Precious, amen to the starving! Mom makes eggs every morning that she isn't having oatmeal, and good grief... I don't know why she doesn't fall over with all the waiting. Must take 5 MINUTES!!! Your mom has embroidered scarves like my mom has. Mom says beside the ones her own mom did, and she did from teen years forward, she is a "linen-----" something. She won't let me say it here. She loves the things though she doesn't always use them, there is usually one or three out. LOVE the wild asters. That is mom's birth month flower...aster.

Katie Isabella said...

Oh and that cartoon hits it on EVERY level there is! We go through that at least twice a week!

Lynn and Precious said...

Katie, Lynn thanks u fur noticing the scarf, she does one evurr so often. wez sendz the happy birthdays to ur mom now.

Kinga K. said...

Cute cat ❤

John Bellen said...

Cats can be so different in personalities. Tucker will eat pretty much any human food - and is always offering to do so - while Renn will eat a few choices (such as roasted pork), and the others have no interest. It's good that Precious sticks to what is best for her.

Marvelous Marv said...

Hee! Hee! When Mom had a table to eat at (hers right now has our food on it as she has been doing renos to the kitchen forever) I used to love to try to snag food of her plate. Nope she has not finished painting the doors. She had trips to the big city and the horrible little wooly aphids are still clouding around everywhere! Mom does NOT want dead bugs in the paint! And Precious, we also love your Peep's walk in the forest! It is getting very cool here and the frost has killed almost everything, and there are leaves everywhere! Have a marvellously Happy Week! And make sure you keep the secret transport pad clear, Jo Jo may come for a visit!

El Mundo del Nail Art said...

Me sorprende que no quiera comida humana, pero como bien dices es bueno para ella. Me encantan las fotos, se ve super monas

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