Friday, October 29, 2021

Blackie for Halloween

 "Lynn, did you see Blackie out there eating my wacky weed?"

I thought I would show you what Blackie normally looks
like when not at the door in the dark.
He lives not far from our house and is mostly outside. 
However, his owners do take good care of him. He gets brushed
regularly and in the summer his very long tummy fur gets 
a cut off. He does always smell of human perfume, which
I find offensive any time on any one, personally.  But he
seems happy enough.

He is quite friendly to humans even if he is not so
with Precious.  I don't like that he lies in the road and 
puts himself where vehicles could squash him flat.
But he's managed to jump and run out of the way for
about 6 years. Hope his luck continues, though I'm
not for letting cats just roam outside.  I am too much
of a nature lover, and I know what happens to all the
nesting and wintering birds with cats loose.

"Well, Lynn, I'll do some of my own brushing and please
do not put stinky perfume on me. I don't want to go outside
and get my furs all dirty. But I'm a girl, and we are more
particular than those boys."

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  1. Blackie looks lovely..though a lot thinner
    than Blackie on Julie's Blog..He's quite
    tubby is'nt he..! Bless him! He's lovely
    to..! :).

    Part of a pussy~cats life is stalking,
    chasing and killing wild life, it's in
    their DNA...I'm very much against putting
    bells around cats necks on a collar....!
    Should'nt be done, it annoys a cat and in
    some cases over a period of time driven cats
    mad..! :(

    Couple months ago, l looked out the kitchen
    window and Fudge who lives a couple of doors
    away was dragging a pigeon down the path...
    I thought..Ah! Sunday roast..! :).
    There he was pulling this bird along..little
    bell dingling around his neck..up over my
    Barby, across next door canopy and home...! :).
    Bless him!x
    Did we share the pigeon on Sunday....???
    Don't be silly...OFF~COURSE~WE~DID...! :).
    😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾

    1. I'd say that pigeon would make a good Sunday dinner. And yes Blackie is on the slim side but I imagine it's all the exercise he gets outside that Precious does not.

  2. Blackie is a handsome fellow; I'm glad he has a reasonably good home, though I also disagree with letting cats roam. Maybe he curls up on perfumed clothing or heavily scented laundry? A friend of mine has a visiting cat that often smells of scented dryer sheets. :-)

  3. Blackie is one handsome cat! We have 3 black cat neighbors! Lucifer (who lives across the street) comes and sits on the back deck with Marv and Kozmo (and Merle). I, Jo Jo am not fond of him (or Kozmo or Marv). I like to whap them though! I don't go to the vet at the same time as Kozmo. Mom takes us at different times. I got in trouble for gaining weight...the vet says I need to go on a diet! I was a little purrterbed at that! See you soon Precious!

  4. What a beautiful portrait of Precious! Looks like she's dozing or maybe just thinking deep thoughts.

  5. The perfume on him suggests he gets some hugs.

    1. I'm sure he does. He is definitely a friendly cat, as long as
      you are human and not feline.

  6. Oh Hello to Blackie from my Blackie here 😊 He looks like the kind of fur that would need lots of brushing. You will be pleased to know that a bird hit my large lounge window last week & fell stunned to the ground. Miss Pip came running along & gently picked it up in her mouth & then when I said NO PIP - she let it go & away it flew again. They are a bit mad at present with spring & nest building & they are hitting the windows quite a bit. Have a lovely weekend Lynn & Precious xx

    1. Miss Pip what is a very good girl. Our worst bird hits or actually in the winter when they're fighting over the bird feeders. And I keep those bird feeders a long ways from the house but they still try to fly through I guess.

  7. Blackie is a handsome mancat for sure, but that last photo of you is wonderfully chill-inducing, sweet Precious.

  8. I'd worry about Blackie in the middle of the road, too - and about being smothered in perfume...

  9. Blackie's mom may get to know your mom and who knows, maybe she could mention the road thing and the perfume. I am disturbed about both. I'm a girly url kitty and *I* don't use anything but my natural delicious fur fragrance.

    1. We see it here that way too, kitty cat smell too good naturally to add perfume.

  10. Well, I certainly learn about cats by visiting Precious and you, Lynn. If I had a cat, I don't think I would enjoy seeing him or her capturing birds and eating them, even it it's in their nature. I'm glad Precious spends her time indoors, and I would want that for any cat (or dog for that matter) that I own. Have a great new week! xx


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