Friday, May 28, 2021

The French are coming! The French are coming!

 "Lynn, what is a french poodle?  Is it

some kind of toy for me? Or is it a relative of the german

noodle or a danish pastry?"

My husband has volunteered to drive 1,000 miles round trip to
pick up a young woman and her new 10 week old pure breed
standard Poodle and bring them here to spend at least one
night.  She and her husband are friends of my hubby, but I
have never met them in the 12 years of their friendship. That is
my choice as I enjoy staying  home when they have their 2 or 3 times a 
year get together with other like minded friends.

I have Monday and Tuesday to completely clean house and
get ready for overnight company.  Emily is a professional
house cleaner, so I really have to get things done right. 

 The worst will be for Precious. We have never had overnight
company in her 8 1/2 years here.
She has had her own private bathroom for 8 1/2 years.  I now
have to transition her into my bathroom.  Sanatize hers from top to
bottom and then close the door so she can not shed one fur in there.
This woman is a germaphobe, like me.  Then the spare bed room
has to be cleaned the same and closed.

I'll drive her and the dog to a local veterinarian for
a health check.  Now this dog cost $2,000 and will have papers
from the breeder.  Yes, you saw right, 2 thousand.  I don't know
if  Emily thinks she will have to return the dog from here if it
is not up to snuff.

But if all goes well, once the dr. visit is over, I cook them lunch
then hubby and her will drive 300 more miles to get to the
group gathering where her husband will be waiting.  Oh, by the way
Emily is flying from Jacksonville, North Carolina to Davenport,
Illinois to pick up the dog.

"It's going to take a lot of making up to me, Lynn"

PS  Blackberry winter always occurs in mid to late May
when the blackberries are budding or blooming and we 
get the killing freeze or bad frost.  

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  1. Umm, would it be wrong of me to say perhaps a motel room or Airbnb would be a better bet? That sure sounds like an awful lot of work, fuss and disruption. Just my two cents. It's never good to throw a wrench into a kitty's life and routine.

    1. In a household of two it makes it hard to have a vote that is the winning vote.

    2. THREE! Don't forget Precious! You are a better woman than I am. I would say "into a Motel" ! even if I had to pay for it.

  2. Although it is the national dog of France,
    the Poodle actually originated in Germany...
    The breed name comes from the German word,
    “pudel” or “pudelin,” which means “to splash
    in the water.”
    In fact, the term “French Poodle” is a misnomer...
    In France, the breed is called Caniche, French for
    “duck dog.”....
    And...Poodles generally don't smell “doggy,”
    these dogs are the original hypoallergenic breed,
    they are non-odor and non-shedding...

    So, there you are..Each to his own...
    I would'nt touch one with a ten foot
    barge pole..! :).
    A French dog that barks in German...
    I don't think so..! :o).
    Definitely stick with pussy~cats...!
    😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾

  3. Oh this is not going time a fun time for Precious. Just a visitor is bad enough but a visitor with a dog is just way too much!

  4. We will Pray for the best. I have travelled a lot with cats and dogs. A clean bedroom and a clean bathroom are more than I would expect when I disrupt someone else's life, especially when I KNOW they have a cat. If she is a germaphobe, and has a new puppy, staying with you is preferable to staying in a hotel or Air B and B. Make sure there is a stack of clean towels (not new, make sure she knows they are for the puppy and puppy messes) and I know I would be thankful.

  5. Katie and I LOVED your comment about Polident. I was in a hospital and laughed LOUDLY when I read it.

  6. Gosh Lynn ... I feel for you - I felt exhausted just reading all what you have to do. My two furry friends HATE it when anyone stays over - when they visit is bad enough but so long as they go home at the end of their visit then that's okay. But staying over .... Oh dear me .. that's a whole new ball game. Blackie goes behind the TV & stays there & I can't even coax him out with food. Having a dog as well as overnight guests would probably make them leave home!! I hope it all goes well for you Lynn - thinking of YOU & Precious xxx

  7. This will be quite the experience for Precious, what people call a 'learning experience'. Which usually means something bad.

  8. You are a saint, my friend. Truly. I guess the bright side is that you're going to have a super duper clean house to enjoy after the fiasco is over. LOL Hugs to you and Precious.

  9. Me encanta tu gato, es super bonito y tiene pinta de ser super suave. Un plato delicioso! Por cierto, te acabo de encontrar a través del blog de otra chica y me ha gustado tanto tu blog que te he empezado a seguir. Me gustaría que también pasaras por mi blog para seguirme y darme tu apoyo, vale? Te espero! =)

  10. Gosh, we hope everything went well! That's the trouble with having guests: You have to do as much prep (cleaning, cooking, etc.) whether they stay only one night or several. We also hope she was suitably grateful for all your efforts (yours and your husband's).

    BTW, I'm glad you finally found my blog. I deliberately don't have the blog link in my Google profile, so it IS hard to find. Thanks and welcome to my small life! :-)


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