Friday, May 21, 2021

Armoire hopping

 "I haven't been up here in awhile, Lynn.  Anything new to sniff?"

I have a few fun things I keep on top and Precious
occasionally checks them out.

I have a couple craft projects there I have fashioned
out of plastic canvas if any one has done that too.

They are houses.  Then there is a stuffed cat that
represents several of my pets.  A gray one you can
see on the left for Precious, and the calico sort of
looks like my Seney Baby,  there is also a black and
white for Suzy Q and a larger gray tabby that is
representative of wonderful Peepers. Precious is 
quite largely covering up 2 of the 4.

"Lynn, you're a bit old for toys, but I love to see
them. Don't forget, you have me to cuddle, not

Precious has a small stool that she gets onto first, then
she jumps to my vanity dresser to the left.  From the vanity
she has to leap over where the stool is to get on top.
She can be a bit of an acrobat when in the mood.

And has anyone up north way, noticed that we had
blackberry winter last week and now only 5 days
after the last frost, it is 85!  Drives me crazy that
we can't just have 70's for a while.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit and a comment.
It is much appreciated. 


  1. When l saw the first few photos..
    I thought..'How on earth did Precious
    get up there'..What a clever girl...
    But! Then, you pussy~cats can get into
    or on top of most things! As long as
    you can get down..HeHe Sometimes! :).

    It's blowing a gale over here, even
    the Paddington Bear curtains are moving
    about, even behind the double glazing!
    So, l won't be going out to~day, sun
    forecast for tomorrow and a lot calmer..! :0).
    😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾

  2. Precious is such a beauty! I've head everyone complaining that it's gone right from winter to summer. It's hot here in Florida too, 90s, but our humidity is much lower than usual making our weather feel compared to how it usually is at this time of year.

  3. I’ve not heard the expression ‘blackberry winter’ before, though it’s easy to guess what it means. We are having one now, in fact: snow and low temperatures, near freezing, after a couple of weeks of warmth. It’s almost June, so I hope the temperatures rise a bit in the next few weeks.

    Precious is of course better than toys and crafts, but it’s good to have remembrances and items that one treasures. We all have something or other like that, I think.

    1. I checked the weather for US after reading your comment and I'm
      sorry I complained about frosts and freezes! I saw Montana had
      16 inches of snow and I hope you did not have near that much.
      Any this time of year is a downer for me.

    2. Not much snow and it barely dropped below freezing: a typical spring snowstorm. The last two days, we've had rain, which we need.

    3. We had some wet snow, and temperatures barely at freezing: a typical spring snowstorm. We've just had two days of rain, which I don't mind; we need that here.

  4. Precious certainly IS a beautiful looking cat Lynn - she is also photogenic. I am wondering if she ever knocks your crafty bits off the dresser as Miss Pip does quite frequently & not by accident either I am sure!! I have never heard the expression "blackberry winter" before. I shall have to look that one up.

  5. Precious is terrific cat! And so curious. Right now the kitchen is in total disarray as I am painting, (inside the cupboards as well). Now the cupboards over the peninsula have the doors removed and all the dishes taken out for sanding and painting and over the last 2 weeks the cats have decided this is now their favorite climbing and hiding place! I've not yet been able to get a photo yet. We hope you and Precious have a totally terrific day!

  6. Hey there Precious, I hope you have a splendid weekend. I like that stool in the last photo. Dad thinks he's all that 'cause he made me a basic set of steps for the same purpose, but I'd surely much prefer a nice puffy soft stool like that. I'm gonna have to file a complaint.

  7. Precious, you are such a beautiful cat. Amazing how you and most kitty cats can get up on things that are so high. Smokey sends a hug.

  8. Precious, you can leap anywhere you want, and good work reminding Mommy that you are there to cuddle. Don't need stuffies. (mom has those too).

  9. We had seven straight days of rain and then three inches of snow. That was NW of Akron.


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