Monday, September 14, 2020

More Murals, for Precious.

"Lynn, show people my favorite 2 pictures.  I only like these 'cause of

the kitties and birdie."

These are taken of the Masonic Hall building in our big-little city.
They have painted pictures onto the old windows. There are more
that have people in them, and one with a blue jay landing.
Precious likes the first one, as she thinks it is of herself. One cat is
gray and the other a marmalade. The lower cat is a tuxedo with
a vase of flowers. Just in case you can't tell, the large bush next
to the man/window, is really live.  It is a hydrangea.

Above, we have the larger wall of the building showing some remarkable
pictation of the Masons.

And lastly, these 3 are just part of a very long low building mural. 
You can't do it justice with one shot and I didn't try to take every
part. It just shows the importance of the train through this city years
ago, and some of the industry that thrived at one time.

"Lynn, I just wish I had a window at the top to myself. I really am 
not a sharing kitty. But the ones there are really lucky they are inside
the painting and not on the outside. See if you think I do look like
the model they used."


John Bellen said...

You could easily be a an artist’s model, Precious.

I like the old buildings, and I am glad they are doing something with them in your town. Here the preservation and/or restoration of old buildings is haphazard, and largely depends on what money can be made from them.

Pink Rose said...

Hi Lynn lovely post. The buildings are interesting and I always love seeing what precious is up to,stay safe my friend and take care xx

Katie Isabella said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE these pictures. Everything about them and I enjoy them as much as the first ones you and your mom showed us,Precious. These are exactly right and I admire whomever started this idea and followed through.

Katie Isabella said...

And { are just elegant!!!

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