Thursday, September 24, 2020

"Man, Lynn, can a caterpillar be more boring?"

"I've been watching this one all day, and it only moves it's
head back and forth as it eats. I'm not even that hungry or
food greedy, mostly."

"Give me a butterfly to watch any time!"

Not a good year for butterflies here.  I only had 6 that have
stayed alive and turned into chrysalis. So far 2 of those have
flown and I am keeping an eye on the other 4.  Last year
I had 28 fly.  The Monarchs did better than the Swallowtails.
I have had a couple dozen Monarchs fly off this year out of
my flower beds.



Julie said...

Oh you are a funny wee thing Precious. That first photo is adorable. I have just last week planted two more swan plants amongst my flowers as the last lot seemed to all get eaten off. I think the paper wasps that we get here can eat the crysalis's.

John Bellen said...

I wonder what the problem was for butterflies this year. I didn't see as many here as usual, either.

Pink Rose said...

Hi Lynn great post Precious lol i mean Lynn ,we were missing bees last few years so i hope there are plenty this year Lynn,take care my friend xx

WILLIE...! =(^..^)= said...

Lynn..Thankyou for your kind comment on
my Blog..I have looked at your Blog some
time back, but, l must restrict myself
in following pussy~cat Blogs, otherwise
l get a bit carried away..! :). you can see l've installed
myself as a follower..I'm off to make
some tea and will pop back for a read
through some previous posts..!
I must say Precious looks a bit of a

Katie Isabella said...

OH how I wish I could see that myself, and by the way. not many butterflies here either. I go to the fields, arboretums and so on...not a lot of luck.

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