Friday, December 8, 2023

'Puter Printer Box

"Lynn went 'puter printer shopping a couple weeks ago.  I do not know what it's fur 'cept to make noise when I'm napping. But I did get a box out of the deal."

"She left me fur over 1/2 a day to go to someplace
she says is out of town."

"Lynn says our big little city with only the W-box store
has Diddly Squat.  I think that was the brand maybe."

"So she found a better brand out of town and brought it home.
Then she had to read instructions on line to figger out how to
make it make noise and print.  I had already grown tired of
the box by the time she did all that.  Shows you how slow Lynn
is fur teckie stuff."

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  1. I hope it's working now, Precious, and not disturbing you too much.
    A television celebrity, Jeremy Clarkson, has a farm called Diddly Squat. There are a couple of series about his life as an amateur farmer, here in the Cotswolds.

  2. Just back from town...brilliant sunshine...
    Though very chilly...Brrrrrrr! :(.

    And Wow! Precious, that box looks nice and
    sturdy..and big...! :).
    Ask Mum to put a nice fluffy blanket inside it,
    and you can shut the doors up for some privacy,
    and keep the noise out...! HeHe! Bless!x

  3. Precious! Your mom is so brave. MY mom is useless for techie stuffs. Thank goodness she has a son who is nearby to help...even though that son gets tired of being called on, I am sure. Sometimes, Mom's DIL comes over and does whatever! XX

  4. Precious, I'm slow with techie stuff too! I hope the printer is up and running without any glitches. I do love printing via wifi, so easy! And hey, at least you enjoyed the box for a little while--that was a bonus for you!

  5. Well that's a mighty fine box, you should keep it around for a while!

  6. precious that box iz total lee awesum….ewe knead ta decorationz it for de holly dayz….a ply sum three dee art bye givin a korner a good chewin 💙😺‼️🐟

  7. Dearest Precious,
    Yes, our kitties get the boxes from whatever gets bought or delivered...

  8. Precious you are 100% the owner of that box and it fits you well.
    Lynn I am the techie person here and that is scary since I am basically clueless but at least I have a maintenance contract with Geek Squad. Any device bought at Best Buy is covered under it.
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. I think Precious is a Diddly Squatter in that box! It's like her own apartment. She's also a Nosy Purrker because she likes to keep tabs while peeking out the front door. Cute!

  10. That is a lovely box, Precious. Maybe you will decide you like it again.

  11. A new box is a good payment for her leaving for so long. Maybe if she sweetens the deal with a blankie in there with some catnip in it, you can make it your new fort/hidey hole.

    Thank you for joining Feline Friday!

  12. You are so funny dear Precious. Tell Lynn that I am not very good at techie stuff either .. in fact it does my head in!! But look you got a shiny new box out of it Precious. Just a purrfect size for you to fit in. Oh & by the way ... diddly squat is not the brand sweet Precious .... diddly squat is the same as in our small town too .... means very little choice!!! Wishing you both a wonderful weekend ... you made me laugh lots today - thank You. x0x

  13. Brody would love to snuggle with you in that box. XO

  14. Diddly Squat is a terrible brand. Your mum did well to go elsewhere for something better, Precious. But she should have brought you back two boxes...

  15. I have a good idea! Precious could use the box as her very own Home Box Office. Give it a name and all of a sudden it has more prestige.

  16. Precious, that looks like a really good box. We bet it makes a great scratchpad too!

  17. Say, Precious, my dad's pretty much slow fur techie stuff, too. Mom's a little better (and smarter), and they're both in the process of stressing over updating their aging, crumbling laptop.


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