Friday, January 7, 2022

After nearly 3 months

 "I'm still not over the trauma, Lynn."

Precious has yet to forget about her trip to the vet
Oct. 11 when they attacked her with 3 different needles.
 Or her trip on Nov. 3 when she had her teeth cleaned.
She and I had 5 days home alone starting the day after she
had her teeth cleaned. And by day 2 she had relaxed with me
and started finally eating her food.

Then she and I had another 5 days alone from Dec. 12 until
Dec. 17.  Once again, she knew instantly that we were alone
and I saw much more of her all day long.

She has always run from my husband if he was too sudden
moving or too noisy.  However Precious seldom minded my
movements.  I am shorter and quieter and more aware of where
she is when I move around.

I am so sorry for her and us that she feels the need to
run to safety of under the bed and stay there for hours every day.
She comes out for her brunch, which is some of her 
breakfast,and then runs to hide even as
I move around. There are a few times when she
finishes the food, and looks at me with great expectation.
So I will walk slowly past her and she follows me.
We then visit the 2 spare room closets for a lookie see
and a visit before she ducks under the bed. And I
can get her to go in the bed tent occasionally, or even
tempt her up to the closet shelf.

Thankfully, Precious still demands hair brushing at 5 PM.
And then part of her dinner.
And by 5:30 PM I must be in my chair with a book in my
hand and she immediately jumps up for the next 2 1/2 hours
or more.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit and a comment.
It is much appreciated.


WILLIE...! =(^..^)= said...

I should imagine that Precious has lots of
toys to keep her happy if need be, but seems
a little set in her ways..Bless her!x
If that makes her happy, then it seems o.k.
But! I would try a few other things say, that
would be new to would know best Lynn!

HeHe! If ALL else'll have to get rid
of your husband...! :O(.

Lynn and Precious said...

There are times when the extra quiet can be very nice I admit.

Kea said...

I can understand how you feel, since Derry spends so much time UTB and always has been skittish/fearful. But we love them as they are, accept them as they are, and I'm glad Precious is eating normally and enjoying her brushing time with you. ♥

Jean | said...

Oh Lynn, poor Precious! It's so hard doing these things for their own good. My poor old guy had to have one of his canines extracted and now has a adorable crooked smile sometimes. I hope he doesn't miss it too much.

Lynn and Precious said...

She can certainly be a bit of a kook about hiding. But she's back to normal hunger, lol.

Lynn and Precious said...

And don't we really dislike having our pets need serious medical work done. But a crooked smile is a happy smile.

catladymac said...

She is purrfectly satisfied with how well she has you trained !

Julie said...

Oh sweet Precious - they really are creatures of habit Lynn. Imagine if someone came to stay & you couldn't do the regular 5 - 5.30 routine - Precious would think the world had ended!! Blackie used to hide under the bed for the entire day if I so much as looked at him. Thankfully he came right after about 6 months & now I wish he would go under the bed & stop eating & shedding fur everywhere else !!! 😉 Wishing you both a great weekend Lynn. xx

Lynn and Precious said...

If only I could get her trained to show herself more often, mol. By the way do you have a Blog?

Lynn and Precious said...

Well it certainly is fun to see Blackie and Pippi out in the open together when you post the photos.

Gidget Blue Sky said...

it took me a good 10 days to git ofur my last trama bisit

Lynn and Precious said...

we kitty girlz knowz heart ache from drz

John Bellen said...

I forget how Precious came to you, but she may have had a bad experience with a man prior to coming to your home. My former foster-cat, Portia, was afraid of men or dislike them, but she wasn't used to them, so it took her longer to accustom herself to me than she likely would have to a woman. But whatever the case, Precious is safe and loved now, and I'm sure she knows it.

Marvelous Marv said...

Hi Precious! (Marv and Jo Jo and Kozmo all wave wildly!) We know about that vet trauma. I, Marv am the worst. I have not even gone to the vet since we moved (she came to our house to see me). I will not allow ANYONE pick me up, or hold me. I bite and then I will hide for a LONG time if anyone tries (even with m Mom, I will run and hide from her for a week).
I will come and sit on Mom ad I will lie beside Alex (and I finally let him scratch my cheeks as you saw in the video). We hope you feel less afraid of your Peeps, UTB is comfortable, but it is no where as comfy as their laps! Sending you purrs! We absolutely LOVE the photo of your dangling toes.

Lynn and Precious said...

Marv, thanks for coming to see me and talking me out of hiding all the time. I know doctors are supposed to be good for us that it's kind of hard when you're a kitty and don't know what the heck they're doing. Stay warm and safe thanks for the visit

John Bellen said...

I thought I'd posted on here, but with my memory, that's not a given. I wanted to write that you can bet Precious is happy and grateful that she has her own home and her own family. She may not always show gratitude but if she did, she'd be a dog - and Precious would certainly not want to be mistaken for a dog!

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